Teaching students to reconsider the relationship between business and society

Faculty and educators around the world, from disciplines spanning business, law, sociology and environmental science, are changing the way business is taught. They are examining subjects such as: how to use business as force for good, how to measure companies’ impact on all of their stakeholders, evolving legal structures, and innovative approaches to investing and finance.

You can bring business as a force for good into the classroom by teaching about the B Corporation movement, the nuts and bolts of assessing corporate impact, and evolving legal structures.

The B Corporation Movement

B Corporations are the leaders of a global movement of people using business as a force for good. B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, and aspire to use business to solve social and environmental problems. Introduce your students to this movement with these resources.

Introduction to the B Corporation Movement (ppt)
This introductory presentation outlines the B Corp movement and highlights people using business as a force for good.
What is a B Corp? (ppt)
This introductory presentation outlines what B Corporations are and and how businesses get certified.
B Corp basics (pdf)
This one page handout covers the basics of B Corps in three steps
Harvard Business Publishing case about B Lab

Assessing Corporate Impact

More than 30,000 companies use the B Impact Assessment to measure, compare, and improve the impact they have on their workers, communities, and environment. Challenge your students to think about tangible metrics for business success beyond Profit & Loss.

B Impact Assessment: Assessing, Comparing, and Improving Impact
Introduction to the B Impact Assessment and the standards (ppt)
This presentation introduces the B Impact Assessment, describes its development, and provides an overview of the standards companies use to assess their social and environmental impact.
Questions about the Standards
This resource of commonly asked questions helps learners understand the B Impact Assessment standards, the impact score, and the verification process
Case studies of impact measurement using the B Impact Assessment
These mini cases studies spotlight how businesses have used the B Impact Assessment to improve their overall impact
Guides of best practices for improving your B Impact score - Part I
Guides of best practices for improving your B Impact score - Part II
Learn best practices for each section of the B Impact Assessment with concrete examples

Interested in diving deep into each section of the B Impact Assessment?
These training resources cover each section of the B Impact Assessment in depth.
Governance (ppt)
Workers - Part I (ppt)
Workers - Part II (ppt)
Workers - Part III (ppt)
Community - Part I (ppt)
Community - Part II (ppt)
Community - Part III (ppt)
Environment (ppt)

There are over 5000 registered benefit corporations across 50 countries. Explore how companies pursue profit and purpose with these mission-aligned structures.

Benefit Corporation 101
This introductory presentation outlines the benefit corporation, a new legal class of corporation that enables entrepreneurs to scale both profits and purpose. What is a benefit corporation?
This presentation highlights the differences between benefit corporations and certified B Corporations.
Why are benefit corporations necessary?
These resources explore the ins and outs of the benefit corporation structure and why it is important.
Benefit Corporations One Pager
This one page handout covers the basics of benefit corporations. 
Shareholder Primacy: Myths and Facts
This document answers questions and untangles misconceptions around corporate structure and shareholder primacy.
Fact Sheet on Benefit Corporations
Fact sheet about the advantages of benefit corporations
How Benefit Corporations are Redefining the Purpose of Business Corporations
A white paper by Bill Clark and Elizabeth Babson of Drinker Biddle & Reath, the legal force responsible for driving the bipartisan adoption of the benefit corporation legal structure across 32 states. 
The Public Benefit Corporation Guidebook: Understanding Delaware's Benefit Corporation Governance Model
Written by B Lab Head of Legal Policy Frederick Alexander and presented in partnership with Morris Nichols, this downloadable ebook focuses on Delaware's benefit corporation model.

Additional Resources

The B Corp Handbook is a teaching resource highlighting interviews, best practices, and case studies of companies committed to building better businesses, for their workers, their communities and the environment.

Educators can receive a free copy from Berrett-Koehler Publishers, a certified B Corporation. Additionally, educators can receive a 50% discount on bulk orders of 10 or more.

Be sure to check out our ongoing library of books, movies, case studies and TED talks about and by B Corporations.

See some examples of syllabi focused on teaching business as a force for good.

Glossary for Good - 16 Models + Approaches for Organizations Doing Good from our friends at roundpeg, a certified B Corp.


Videos to incorporate into class lectures

B Corporation YouTube channel

B Lab | 2015 John P. McNulty Prize

B Lab | Andrew Kassoy, Coen Gilbert, Bart Houlahan | 2014 Skoll Award For Social Entrepreneurship

Join a webinar series to hear from Certified B Corps and B Lab staff about the movement and how to become certified.

B Inspired Talks - Portland
A series of videos of TED-style talks from eight B Corp leaders, recorded in Portland in 2015.


Academia B is an effort of Sistema B, a global partner of B Lab in Latin America.

Net Impact
The pioneers in engaging students in experiential learning around a better way to do business.

Ashoka U curriculum guide
Teaching resources for social innovation and social entrepreneurship

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