The Tools

The B Movement offers two tools to assist scholarly investigation on B Corporations:

How to Use Them

While the impact assessment and analytics tools allow researchers to derive valuable data about companies, they also present a series of challenges because of their structural complexity. To better understand these tools, please review the following materials. 

Introduction to the B Impact Assessment and Standards (ppt). This presentation introduces the B Impact Assessment, describes its development, and provides an overview of the standards companies use to assess their social and environmental impact.

Questions about the Standards. This resource of commonly asked questions helps learners understand the B Impact Assessment standards, the impact score, and the verification process.

These training resources cover each section of the B Impact Assessment in depth.
Governance (ppt)
Workers - Part I (ppt)
Workers - Part II (ppt)
Workers - Part III (ppt)
Community - Part I (ppt)
Community - Part II (ppt)
Community - Part III (ppt)
Environment (ppt)